Monday, June 11, 2007

A Glimpse of Solitude.

Since Tim has Fridays off, we decided to go for a drive in the mountains. It was great to get out of the house after being sick all week. Emma really wanted to go for a hike, so we found a trail in national forest and climbed to the top of this rock formation where you could see almost forever in every direction. It was heavenly!

What I realized on our hike is that I have not gotten away in a LONG time. And I didn't know how much I missed the solitude until I found it again. All the things I love about being in the mountains came back to me - the smell of pine trees and wild flowers, the sound of the wind dancing through the trees and the trail crunching beneath our feet. Even more, I loved not hearing the busyness of life that usually surround us - cars, people, lawn mowers, dogs. Did I tell you it was heaven?

Right then we made plans to return. So in a couple of weeks the three of us will do something we don't normally do in the summer. We will give up a weekend of water skiing to camp in the mountains. I can't wait!

And because I am anticipating our return to the mountains so much, Emma and I went on a hike this morning to the mountain near our house. It wasn't quite the experience I was hoping for. Emma complained of being tired before we reached the end of our street, the heat had us sweating in no time, we couldn't find the perfect shady rock for our picnic lunch, and the sound of cars racing down the road was all too familiar. BUT, it was a special time for the two of us. Emma loved picking wild flowers, we had talks about bees and how God made them and how fun it is to skip. And we enjoyed a popcicle together once we got home.

Emma said it was a great idea to go for a hike. I agreed. It was just a glimpse....

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