Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This past weekend Tim was pretty sick, so we had some friends come by and pray with us. I just have to share this sweet prayer that was said by their two-year-old son. He is so precious and it reminded me of how the faith of a child is so tender and dear to Christ. The conversation went like this:

Mom: Mr. Tim is very sick so we are gonna pray for him.
Boy: Where's his medicine?
Mom: He doesn't have any medicine. We are gonna ask Jesus to heal him.
Boy: Ok ~ Dear Jesus, please touch Tim to feel better...and make him...make
him...make him BETTER. Amen Jesus. Daddy, Jesus cry....
Dad: Yes Jesus cried.

The story behind that is that when this little boy's own Mom was sick in the hospital he saw a statue of Jesus and he had a tear on his face. The Daddy explained that Jesus cries when we are sick. YES ~ Jesus feels our pain and he shares in our sorrow and pain.

Thankfully, Tim is doing much better now and we know it's because of God's healing touch. He carried Tim in the palm of his hand each day last week when he felt so bad. PRAYER my friends ~ is an amazing thing.

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