Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cheers for Jesus!

We are half way through the Halloween day and Emma already has a bucket full of candy. She is a Denver Broncos cheerleader.

None of her cheers mention the Broncos though. Here are her two favorites: "GO JESUS GO!" and "GOD LOVES US!"

We went to Young Life (the non-profit I write grants for) and she got to trick-or-treat. We met a friend there, and without discussing their costumes both our daughters showed up in the exact same costume.

Isn't that awesome!? They were a hit with all the Broncos fans here! Emma would yell her cheers for Jesus, then Gwennie would cheer "shoes, shoess, shoes." It was so funny!

Of course Emma did not want to take her nap today, but I insisted because we are going to Grandma's church tonight for a carnival and I don't want to deal with a melt down (her or me). I am sure there will be more pictures to post tomorrow of the festivities from tonight.

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