Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Girls LOOOONG Day Out

Today was one of those rare days when Emma and I had nothing on the calendar. And since Wednesdays are always Tim's long days...and since he has a meeting tonight that will keep him out till around 10 or 11...I decided we needed a day of fun!

We headed to Denver this morning and started our day at the Aquarium. It was really fun seeing all the sharks, turtles, jelly fish, etc. and petting the stingrays. After going through all the exhibits, we had a picnic lunch overlooking downtown Denver.

(Emma broke out in this pose. I don't know what that was all about!?)

(Can you believe the size of that tortoise and grouper in the background?!)

Next we headed to Monkey Bizness. That place was very cool! I ended up playing with Emma on all the giant slides and big air jumpers. We had an absolute blast! I'm not sure what the other parents thought of me but a few of them actually followed suit and played with their kids on the giant toys. Our favorite was the giant blow up slide. It was two or three stories tall and "scared our hearts" as Emma kept saying.

After all that hard playing we landed at Cold Stone for an ice cream treat. I had mint ice cream with oreos mixed in. Emma had cotton candy ice cream with rainbow sprinkles.

While we were enjoying our treats, I realized Emma had worn a hole in the knee of her jeans. I was so bummed because they were my favorite jeans of hers, and I had gotten them at a consignment store for $2. Since they were Gap jeans, I decided we should head to Gap to replace them.

So we went to Park Meadows Mall next. The Gap was a bust but we ended up at The Childrens Place where a huge sale was going on. And this really nice lady gave me a coupon. So I ended up getting Emma 4 pair of jeans and 13 shirts for $50! (Some of them I bought large for next year. At $4 for jeans and $2 for shirts, I couldn't pass it up!) Emma also got to visit her favorite store: Pottery Barn Kids. She loves to play there. I don't think she realizes it's not a play place. :)

By the time we were done at the mall, Emma was exhausted. We had skipped nap of course which I could foresee would lead to a melt down. So we hopped in the car and headed for home. She fell asleep within minutes and slept the hour it took us to get back to our home town.

Not wanting to think about cooking for the two of us, we stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner. It was a nice treat but we were both exhausted and Emma started saying she missed her Daddy. So we finished our meals and stopped by Daddy's office for a quick hello (and goodnight). I had Emma in bed by 7:15 and I got to relax a bit watching American Idol auditions.

So that was our LOOONG day in a nutshell. Very fun. Very tiring. But very worth it! We had some great bonding time. It's amazing how playing together can knit your hearts together.

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