Monday, October 20, 2008

Pictures Galore

Here are some pics from our visits with my two brothers. The first is my older brother Scotty. He is in town till the end of the month, so we will get to see him more. The second is my younger brother Tomy and he was only here for the weekend with his girlfriend Mendy.

On Friday Emma had a field trip to the pumpkin patch. Her Daddy was a volunteer for the day and got some great pictures. Tim said Emma kept helping all the other kids with their pumpkins because they were so heavy. I love her helping spirit!

This is Emma's entire kindergarten class. There are 6 of them!

Boo at the Zoo ~ Our zoo is the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, which means its on the side of a mountain and there are lots of up and down trails to walk. I did this - 39 weeks pregnant - for two hours! Of course I hoped it would trigger something, oh, say a baby being born. Nevertheless it was fun seeing Emma and all her cousins dressed up and having a good time.

I don't have pictures of this but yesterday we went to a wedding reception. Every single person who talked to me said, "You look so uncomfortable," or "You look like you're in pain." Both are true. I continue to count the days.


Lorie said...

These pictures are so sweet! Emma is adorable! Your family is so lovely and just put out a kind feeling! No, baby...well I'll say it for you..pooie! You know you have to have the baby before I go on vacation...right? I mean if for no other reason you should get on that right now! LOL! Have a good, baby producing week! HUGS!

Tricia said...

Looks like lots of fun....Emma is too cute!
I do have the floral apron on Etsy. Let me know if you want a custom apron. I can do anything you want really.

Diane said...

Emma is such a sweetie,always a helping hand,that will come in handy when that baby comes!!!
Great pics of the pumpkin day and Emma all dressed up with her friends.

Brooke said...

It's so funny...I still think of Tomy as he looked 7-8 years ago when I lived there. Funny! He is grown up! I am praying for you and hope to hear awesome news about Baby #2 very very soon!