Monday, October 13, 2008

A weekend project...a muffin tin lunch...and something to look forward to!

It's finally done...the long-anticipated "Emma and Daddy designed" swing set! Doesn't it look awesome?! I think they did a fabulous job of creating something that would fit in such a small space, and yet look at how big it is!

I have blogged about these before, but until last week I had never actually made a muffin tin lunch. One day I was feeling worse than usual and Emma was sad about having to stay home all afternoon, so I thought a fun lunch was in order. Ya know what?! It worked! She loved it! I always thought these cutesy lunches wouldn't be enough food for my big eater, but halfway through she said, "This is a lot of food."

I have two very exciting things to look forward to this week. My oldest brother Scotty and my Dad are coming to visit us this afternoon. I haven't seen this brother since February when he left for a year-long mission in Afghanistan. He is home for three weeks on vacation and today will be my first chance to see him!

And my other brother Tomy, who lives in Tulsa, will be flying in Thursday with his girlfriend Mendy and they will come by and spend the day with us (along with my sweet mom)! I haven't seen Tomy since June ~ when Emma and I flew out to visit him.

(**Just an aside** It's funny but my parents always seem to be on such different schedules. Getting them here at the same time is always a major challenge! As you can see, it probably won't happen this week either.)

So I am excited about this week and trying to focus on these fun things instead of the morning sickness. Of course I also am hoping to have a baby this week, but that is yet to be determined.


Lorie said...

I had forgotten about the muffin tin lunch idea...I love it! The play area is great...I bet Emma LOVES it! Have fun with your family! I Love it when our family comes but that just doesn't happen very often. Have a super week!

Regular, with half and half and raw sugar said...

SUPER impressed with the play area! Can't wait for the post with a pic of your new little one!!!!!

Diane said...

Oh the play set is awesome,I'm sure Emma is having loads of fun with that! It would be nice if the baby would come while your brothers are there!!!
Have fun and enjoy the time with your family Krisitne!

John, Kisti & Maren said...

Sounds like a good week:)

Aren't the muffin tray dinners fun! Even John has been pleased (and satisfied) with them:)

Oh, and they really should come up with a different name than "morning sickness"--it sounds so simple;)

How's that for 3 very random comments all from one person.

Brooke said...

Great play area! I totally agree with that last comment. I winced when you mentioned "morning sickness" because what you have dealt with is so much more than morning sickness!!! I am praying for a safe and joyful delivery very soon!

Lori Craig said...

This is a great idea! Hope you get to feeling better and have enjoyed your family time!