Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More of Nate

These are some of my favorite pictures from the past few days.

Emma made a card for Nate and she couldn't wait to show it to him. It says, "I love my baby Nate. Love Emma."

Emma loves to fall asleep with Nate...and so does Daddy.


Courtney said...

Awwwww! What a happy and tired family!


so exciting Cristina- thanks for sharing pictures, I am sure you feel so much better. I am so happy for you all!!

John, Kisti & Maren said...

He's precious! I love the sleeping pics...especially the one of Nate & Emma:)

Diane said...

Oh my goodness,what beautiful pics!
He is adorable!!! Emma is too sweet,she will be the best big sister ever!!!!!
How are you feeling????

Lorie said...

Oh, Christina...what adorable pictures and such a blessing you have! HUGS!!

Mendolin said...

These pictures make my heart MELT!!! I am so happy for you and the family. I'm so glad that Emma is having a great time with her new brother. I'm still so happy for you. Can't wait to see you again.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, he is beautiful!

Brooke said...

Those pics are so adorable! I know you are all so thrilled to have Nate there. Thanks for posting pics. Praying that the adjustment continues to go well for you all!