Friday, April 3, 2009

Jealous Kind

When was the last time you held your life up to the light of someone else's and felt you were found wanting? They seem so in control. They speak more eloquently. Their kids are better behaved. They have a better a better in a better house.. They seem more spiritual.

Indeed, you think to yourself, that's what I need to have a better life. And if you dwell on it long enough, you start wishing you were that other person?

I've been there. Recently. But God has graciously shed light on this fallicy through the people in my life and reminded me of how truly blessed I am.

See that tall blonde with the full lips over there? She's a song writer. Has an amazing voice and a big heart. Loves Jesus! She's a mom to a darling little boy. Her life seems perfect. What you don't see is that she is camped out night and day in the hospital next to her husband's bed. He was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. Could be a year before he walks again.

And over there...the dad playing with his kids. He's a well-known musician. Girls swoon every time he takes the stage. Guys envy his success. He married his high school sweetheart. Had a beautiful little girl and adopted a little boy. His life seemed perfect. Then one day his bride suddenly died of a heart attack. She was in her 20's.

Look at this family. He's a regular guy. Plays his guitar at church. Has three little ones under the age of five. They're all the apple of his eye. And his wife...she's beautiful and has a heart to serve and love others. Their lives seem perfect. But then again, she had brain surgery a couple weeks ago. It will take months to recover.

There's the husband and father who has been out of work for two years...too ashamed to let his friends know he needs help. The doctor who was diagnosed with an incurable disease and hides it from most everyone...and his wife who fears she will become a widow way too young. The young professional who walks into the office every day not knowing if he will still have a job. The young woman who finds out a little too late that the cancer is too far gone. She's given a few months to live.

These are all real people...normal people...people I know...people just trying to make it through life...people I would be tempted to envy.

But God...who is rich in mercy...has been gracious to me (Ephesians 2:3-5). God has shown me just how blessed I am this week. I am blessed with a godly husband who is my very best friend. I am blessed with two precious, healthy children. I am blessed with dear friends and close family. My life is full of love. Laughter. Joy. Hope. I am blessed.

So the next time the trials in my own life overwhelm me, which just might be tomorrow, I will remember God's faithfulness to me. I will remember that no one is without suffering. I will remember that God is not surprised by my troubles, nor is he far from me. He holds me in the palm of His hand. He gives me rest. He gives me peace. He gives me grace and mercy. He gives me blessings. I am blessed.

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Laurie said...

So true...His mercies are new each morning!:)