Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Soccer begins!

Emma has been wanting to try soccer for over a year now, and we finally had a break in her schedule so we said OK. We chose Stars Soccer because it is a Christian program that teaches skills, sportsmanship, biblical principals and having fun! Plus it is indoors, which is a plus in Colorado for fall sports. (It can get quite cold!) And it is a 6-week program, so we thought it was a perfect opportunity for Emma to try it and see if it is something she will enjoy.

Emma's team won (a nearly all girl team that played a nearly all boy team ~ Go girls!), and her coach said she did a great job of applying the skills he taught in practice. A number of parents commented about how athletic and fast Emma is (I think two years of track helped). We were so proud of her! And she really is very athletic, so it is fun to see her using her gifts and talents.

This is how Nate spent his time at the game....playing with the older boys or trying to climb over the wall to get on the soccer field!


Lorie said...

Oh, how fun! Soccer is HUGE in our area. I'm so glad it went well for Emma! :o)

Bethany said...

So fun to see Emma in soccer. I miss you all so much and love the bits of life you share on the blog. I'll call you soon. Been very busy here getting ready for transplant. Bethany

Laurie said...

You are officially a soccer mom! Welcome to the club! Looks like Emma was having some fun out there...and Nate too!