Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Recap

This year Emma dressed as her favorite character of all time...Lucy Pevencie from Chronicles of Narnia. And our little Nate made the perfect Yoda!

We went to two church carnivals this year...one on Friday night at Grandma Beth's church and one on Saturday night at Nanny & Papa's church.

My SIL Bonnie and Tim's Grandma Gladys with Nate and Tim.

It was Grandma Gladys's 80th birthday...so my MIL had a cake to celebrate!

Emma and Nate with their cousins Kalie and Samantha.

Nanny with the trick-or-treaters.


Laurie said...

Looks like a fun Halloween! Great costumes...can't believe Nate kept on his Yoda hat!:)

Laurie said...

P.S. Your mom isn't on the biggest loser is she? It's one of our fave shows!!!

Lorie said...

How cute! What fun costumes!

Martha said...

Those are such cute Halloween cuties! Very creative. Loved seeing them!!

Our Curly Girls said...

What unique costumes!!

I cannot wait for my 7-year old bookworm to devour the Narnia series. I LOVED those books. Super cute babies, by the way. ;)

Back At Ya Babe said...

We had a Yoda at our house too! Bennett was a more aggressive Yoda and wanted to fight with his light saber as we trick or treated. Looks like you had fun.