Monday, November 23, 2009

Setting a new goal....

I took up running about 8 weeks ago when we went on a road trip to Texas and Oklahoma. The main reason being I didn't want to quit exercising each morning just because we weren't at home. So I decided to take the jogging stroller and hit the pavement each morning of our trip.

It was fun! I hadn't run in years, and I have never been a distance runner. I ran track in junior high and high school, but I was a sprinter and ran hurdles. At first I didn't know if I could run more than a few blocks, but I found that running a mile or two miles was well within my reach. I became hooked!

Now I had some inspiration along the way, which just spurred me on in my new passion. My awesome friend Amy took up running about 6 months ago. She ran her first 5K (and took third) 2 months ago and ran her first half marathon this past weekend! She rocks!!!

So I've been gnawing on the idea of running a 5K and decided this week I would sign up for one in the spring. I increased my distance this morning to 1.5 miles with relative ease, so I am excited about reaching my new goal. Who knows...maybe I will do a half some day?! (OK, don't jump the gun. Let's get through a 5K first.) ☺

P.S. Amy, I would prefer to be running in TX or OK instead of CO. We have the scenery, but the altitude is a killer!


Laurie said...

WTG Cris! I bet the altitude is a killer!!!

Lorie said...

Oh, gosh Cristina...that is fantastic!

Tom Eckert said...

Cristina, wow, that is so exciting! I'm pulling for you! Hope the training continues to go well.
I miss you so much!

Bethany Eckert

Regular, with half and half and raw sugar said...

Hey - you'll pass me in a heartbeat after training in that altitude!! You go girl. Can't wait to run with you someday!!!!!