Thursday, January 14, 2010

That's Just Nate

It makes sense that Emma loves to play dress up in Mommy's clothes, but I never expected Nate to follow suit. Every morning he toddles into my room and finds something of mine to wear. This day it was a pair of shorts, and I was quite impressed with how he got them on. One arm through one leg hole and his head through the other.

This is a car tower we got Nate for Christmas. He loves to play cars and trucks, but this day I found him using it as a ladder.

Nate also loves to wear Emma's headbands. Need I say more?!

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Mendolin said...

Love this little guy. :) He's always giving you a good story to tell!

Please tell me that you write down all those silly moments. My mom did that and its neat to read all of my stories now that I'm older.