Monday, August 30, 2010

Better than the zoo

We had an exciting Saturday night when this bear showed up across the street from our house. He was just going for a stroll, eating acorns in the trees. He wasn't at all interested in us, but we sure enjoyed him.

Tim has been doing archery practice in our backyard. Imagine his surprise when this deer walked up between him and his target.

Every time we see wildlife like this we think, "We live in such a cool place!"


John, Kisti, Maren & Silas Felps said...

So, the deer walking between the target and Tim would have been fun to explain to the DOW! :)
Great shots of the bear, too!

Tom Eckert said...

I wonder if that is the same old bear that Tom and Andy Shirola chased down your road, what 5 years ago now, when we all came to your house for dinner? Ha!Ha! He does look very comfortable with himself! Bethany :)