Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall break...more like winter sickies!

Emma's fall break started last Friday, and we had been anticipating a fun family get away to the mountains. Well, the tummy bug I had earlier in the week had other ideas. I thought we had gotten by without everyone else getting sick, but the night before we were to leave Nate woke up at 3 am vomiting. This continued until noon the next day.

We decided to go ahead and forge ahead with our plans. Nate had not thrown up for 8 hours, so we thought we were past the worst of it; however, 15 minutes from our house Nate threw up in the car! After a pit stop on the side of the road to get him and the car seat cleaned up, we got back on the road and Nate slept the rest of the way to Winter Park.

When we left Colorado Springs, it was 70 degrees. By the time we got to Winter Park, it was like this.

Snowy and 30 degrees! But we loved it and enjoyed sitting in the hot tub and cuddling in one bed to watch TV and stay warm.

Since it was so cold our plans went out the window on Saturday, so we decided to take a drive to Grand Lake, which was so beautiful! I have to say, it is the most beautiful place in Colorado!

I was enamored with all the houses that sat right on the water's edge and the quaint little town of Grand Lake. I'm ready to buy a vacation home...once I find an extra million dollars!

On our drive we saw this pretty little fox.

We ate at some really good restaurants and enjoyed swimming in the pool. Nate was feeling better, so things were looking up. Then Emma woke up Sunday morning at 5 am throwing up! Poor baby threw up all the way home and didn't stop till about 5 pm. It's been quite a weekend with the sickies!

I was grateful for our weekend away and the chance to see our first snow of the season and parts of Colorado that I've never seen before. But I wish everyone had been feeling well. The good news is Emma has tomorrow off, so she has another day to recover and hopefully we can have a little fun, too.


Lorie said...

You are much more brave then I am...I would totally have stayed home at the first sign of Nates sickies! Looks beautiful though!

Rachel - Heart Assessment said...

One of my favorite 4th of July celebrations ever was at Grand Lake. We miss CO terribly! (so I was going through OOOOOld posts of mine and saw your comment from my Team YL post and remembered that we had a lot in common.)
I was just looking through some of your posts and thought I'd say hi!