Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Confessions of an unfit Mom

I have a 2-year-old little boy who wants to be potty trained. He has a Mom who is too busy to make it happen.

Sad, huh?!

Nate is so ready to be out of diapers. He says things like, "No diaper! Big boy potty. Go potty." The problem is I don't have enough down time to commit a day to potty training.

This makes me feel like a failure. An unfit Mom. Like I'm too caught up in other things. Like my priorities are all wrong.

At the beginning of this school year I decided to be intentional about not being too busy. I wanted to have lots of time for Nate and be available to my friends and family. Somehow things slowly warped into super, crazy, busy, full days. How does that happen?!

I lead women's Bible study. Volunteer once a month at Emma's school. Chair the 5K fundraiser for Emma's school (our first one will be next spring). Take card orders. Attend stamp camp once a month. And all the daily things of being a wife and mom like cleaning, cooking, laundry, pick up Emma from school, do the shopping, take Emma to her activities, keep Nate from breaking his neck, keep Nate on a schedule, keep Nate engaged and entertained, help Tim with various office needs (research, newsletters, mailings), etc. The list goes on and on. It gets to the point where exercise and daily time in the Word are rushed. Things I enjoy become burdensome. Oh dear, things HAVE to change.

The one thing I know for certain...daily time in the WORD should and will be my number one. It's the one thing I HAVE to have. I crave it! I long for it! I can't live without it.

Exercise is a close second for my own stability. And being a wife and mom come before all other activities. So judge me if you must, but I will be adding potty training to my calendar so I can make sure it happens. And I'll be looking for ways to cut back on outside activities. And I will guard my family time fiercely. And I will not leave the house or jump into a project before I have spent time with the One who gives me strength for the day.

I will lean into my Lord who makes me fit for the job.


Kelly said...

You just leave the "unfit" word out of it, Cristina.
'Cause you're not, you know that don't you?
I'm speaking from experience.......I get to witness just how "fit" you are as a mom. So from one mom to another.........it's a post like this that just proves you're the right girl for the job......being Emma and Nate's mom.
God knew that too.
Have a great day/week with potty training.......see you Friday night!

Lorie said...

You are SO not unfit! We all get busy and it is good that you recognize it! Now, hop on that potty training before he changes his mind! :o)

Tom Eckert said...

Cristina, I'm sorry life has gotten alittle crazy. You are an awesome mom and wife. I have learned so much from you over the years. I always admire your passion for God. Many many times it has been your spiritual example that has challenged me to keep on. You have been there in some of my deepest blackest moments as God's shining light in my life. I love you and miss you so much! Bethany