Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy birthday to my little fireman!

Happy birthday Nate! You are such a fun, vivacious, smart and inquisitive little boy. We are so grateful God brought you to us. You bring such joy and laughter to our family. We love you!


We celebrated Nate's birthday yesterday with a firetruck party. It all started with a tour of our neighborhood fire station. You've never seen a more excited little boy! All day before the party Nate kept saying, "Firetruck!"

Since it was Halloween as well the kids came to the party in their costumes. Of course, Nate was a fireman! He had a blast climbing all over the firetruck.

The family in front of the coolest firetruck.

After the tour everyone came to our house for cake. Nate was just as excited about his firetruck cake.

I had fun making it, but it was a challenge.

Of course we had fireman hats.

Nanny and Papa got this scooter for Nate. He jumped right on and took off like he had been riding one all his life. Such a smart boy!

Another fun gift from his cousins.

This was such a fun party! Nate now equates birthday with firetruck...and quite possibly candy since he got to trick-or-treat for the first time later that day. Check back tomorrow for those fun pics.


Lorie said...

What a great birthday party! If I can't believe he is 2 already I'm sure you feel the same. Wow, time sure does go by quickly!

Jewel said...

Great cake and what a fun day for your little man.