Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I ♥ Snow Days!

In the past seven days we have had three snow days! Nate and I love it when Emma gets to stay home on a snow day. So this post is dedicated to the best things about snow days!

♥ Lazy mornings.
♥ Staying in our PJs half the day or all day, whichever we prefer.
♥ Playing games.
♥ Leisurely breakfast.
♥ Unhurried workouts.
♥ Macaroni & cheese for lunch.
♥ Quiet time for everyone.
♥ Crafts.
♥ Snuggles by the fire.
♥ Hot chocolate.
♥ Reading for fun.
♥ Crockpot dinners.
♥ Staying home all day.

What do you love best about snow days?

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