Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter in Texas

We went to Texas for Easter weekend and had so much fun hanging out with my extended family. It was extra fun because we took my parents with us.

Emma and Nate got to color eggs with their second cousins, Jacey and Emmie.

My cousin Jenny and I had fun helping with egg coloring.

Getting ready to go find eggs!

Nate would pick up an egg and shake it. If it doesn't like a good one (i.e. like it had candy in it)...

He would throw it back.

But the girls weren't picky!

Resurrection Sunday...ready for church...with my parents and grandparents.

Emma and Nate with their great grandparents.

Four generations. (Me, my Dad, Emma & Nate, my Dad's parents)

Nate and Uncle Terry.

Nate and Emma with Nanny and Aunt Denise.

Nate had so much fun filling up great grandma's bird bath.

Nate and great grandpa having a throwing contest.

Emma and Nate having a nice conversation with great grandpa on the swing.

We made lots of special memories with some special rides, park hopping, ice cream at Braum's, coloring eggs, hiding and finding them, late night conversations, yummy meals, playing with Sister (my aunt & uncle's dog), playing always ends too soon. But it leaves us looking forward to the next time.

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