Thursday, June 9, 2011

Emma's birthday recap

Emma had chicken pox on her birthday, so we spent the day at home. Luckily, we had already scheduled her party for the following weekend.

We started the day with presents!

Emma received a much anticipated gift...a gift she's been wanting for several years...a Wii!

Of course we played it right away!

Birthday dinner on the deck.

And cake...decorated with musical notes in honor of one Emma's great!

Then the party!!! It was at My Gym, which proved to be a tremendously fun place to celebrate!

Emma asked for brownies instead of birthday cake, so I made individual brownie muffins. The kids loved them!

Emma and her baby cousin Islay. She turned one the day before Emma turned eight. Emma thinks that is SO special!


Bethany said...

What a sweet birthday celebration! Looks like a fun way to release a lot of energy in a big group of kids! Bethany

Lan said...

happy birthday, emma!