Thursday, July 12, 2007

Can you believe it?!

I believe I was the recipient of a miracle yesterday. I had this marble-size ganglion cyst on my foot and was scheduled to have it drained today at the doctor ~ with only a 50% chance of that actually working. Well let's back up...

I haven't felt very well for the past couple of months. There have just been several health issues (the cyst being one of them) that I have been dealing with. Well I went to my naturopath in Denver on Tuesday, and she quickly identified the problem and put me on a liver cleanse program. She also said I would benefit from an ion foot bath. Lucky for me ~ my friend Bethany owns one of these machines. So I went to her house yesterday to have a ion foot bath to help detox my liver. It was really cool but nothing spectacular happened...or so I thought.

Later that night I sat down to take a look at the cyst on my foot and IT WAS GONE! All of it! Completely gone! Mind you ~ this wasn't a little cyst. So I wasn't missing it. It really was gone. I called my friend Bethany and she said she had never heard of that happening but she did believe it possible because the foot bath is so powerful to heal! I'd say!

Of course I give GOD all the credit. My naturopath also said I would feel "sicker" for the next couple of days, but the truth is I have felt better the past couple of days than I have felt in months! It has to be a God thing. I was so excited and praising God for this healing that Emma caught the bug and did a "praise the Lord dance." Now that was cute!

I called my doctor's office this morning to cancel the procedure and said, "You're not gonna believe this but..." They were somewhat surprised and said my body must have reabsorbed it. Yeah right! Emma was glad I didn't have to get a needle in my foot. Me too!

Speaking of Emma
I have been away from Emma overnight only 4 times in her 4 years of life. It's just not something we do. Due to the procedure I was gonna have, Emma was gonna spend the night with my mom. Well of course she was too excited for me to tell her that we didn't need to do that anymore. SOOOOOOO ~ I dropped her off this afternoon for a slumber party at Nanny and Papa's house. It was hard for me to leave her. Her parting words were, "I just wish I could stay here several nights." WOW ~ maybe she should get away more often. Sorry baby, I just don't think Mommy can handle it.

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