Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What's in a name?

Yesterday I had the rare indulgence of a pedicure! It was so wonderful. I have to admit though, one of my favorite parts of the whole experience is picking out a color of polish based on the fun names that the people at OPI come up with. Up until yesterday my favorite color was "Don't Socrates Me" ~ a vibrant orange color. BUT yesterday I discovered "Chick Flick Berry" and I had a new fave. I loved it for the name, of course, but it is a great shade of red.

While enjoying my foot massage I kept imagining sitting in my theater room with lots of girlfriends, laughing and crying at a great chick flick, eating pizza and ice cream, and painting our toe nails "Chick Flick Berry." I had a conspicuous smile on my face that I'm sure made the nail tech wonder what was wrong with me. Or maybe she sees enough stay-at-home moms and knows how sweet it is to be free for that hour. Speaking of her ~ the nail tech ~ I hope I didn't seem rude. When I get a pedicure I always take a book or magazine. It is one of the few times that I can get in some uninterrupted reading. The other ladies are so chatty ~ but I like to keep my thoughts to myself, sink into that big chair with the massager kneading all my pressure points, and dream about the future.

I always think I should do things like that more often but then again ~ would it bring me as much pleasure if I did it all the time? That time away is just long enough to make me miss Emma, so I was excited to pick her up and show off my new color. She gets very excited to see my new toenail colors although the name is lost on her. She was the closest thing I had to a girlfriend yesterday, so after I showed her my toes we played with play dough instead of watching a chick-flick.

Can you believe I got all that just from the name of my polish?!

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