Monday, July 9, 2007

Crazy Deer

We find deer in the oddest places around our house. The other day the neighbor informed me that she had seen a deer chewing on my hammock and drinking out of Emma's swimming pool. OK ~ so drinking the water I can understand but chewing on rope?! That's crazy!

Here's a shot of a deer in Emma's sandbox. When I told her about it, Emma acted so dumbfounded. I wish I had a video of her response. It was priceless. The deer around here are so comfortable that you can't hardly run them off. I had to throw rocks at this one to get it out of the sandbox. And now Emma can't play in it until Tim replaces all the sand. I have this healthy fear that deer might carry some strange bugs or diseases. YUCK!!

The price we pay to live on a beautiful hillside ~ pesky deer that most people never get a chance to see up close. I try to enjoy the fact that they are around but it makes growing any kind of flower pretty futile.

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