Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A lot of nothing

This is gonna be one of those random posts where I say a lot of nothing.

First of all, the Bible study I am leading starts next Thursday. I am very excited but hoping for completely calm waters. I don't deal well with conflict (does anyone?) and there is already a potential confrontation looming on the horizon. I just want to say to all the high maintenance people, "Pass!" I should probably pray about this attitude.

Emma has an imaginary brother and a doll sister. They go everywhere with us. Usually their names are Logan and Ellie but other variations are Carson, Neely, Samantha, Kalie. This morning on our way to Walmart Emma said, "Ellie is so under-whelmed....she can't wait to get there." I asked "overwhelmed or underwhelmed?" She says, "Definitely underwhelmed." Does that mean she is so bored she can't stand it?! HHHHMMMMMMMM............

We are heading out tomorrow for our final summer camping/water skiing trip ~ my parents, Tim's parents and two good friends are going with us. It's supposed to be nice weather, which you can't be too sure of at Blue Mesa because the lake is at 8,000 feet. We are all excited and you can anticipate some pictures here when we return.

One final note, I tried to attach a video of Emma swimming. It shows up on the preview page just fine but when I actually pull up the post it isn't there. Maybe I will tackle that problem when I return. For now you will just have to believe me when I say she is swimming the length of the pool on her own. It's very cool!

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