Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Favorite Children's Books

My friend Brooke asked her blog readers to post their favorite children's books, so here are mine.

Emma is very into princesses and we talk a lot about what it means to be a "princess of the True King." So our favorite books involve princesses. I love the Christian ones that address this theme.

We have two current favorites: The Princess and the Kiss and A Parable About the King.

The first is about purity and how God gives us a special gift when we are born ~ our first kiss. This is a wonderful book about keeping ourselves pure. We've had many wonderful conversations after reading this one. The second one is about how we are loved by the King and cannot do anything to make Him stop loving us. It also deals with obedience. Another great book that spurs wonderful dialogue. This book is by Beth Moore (love her!) and it has been renamed My Child, My Princess.

Because Emma and I love these books so much, I have bought her several more princess books for Christmas. I cannot give a review of them since I have not read them in their entirity, but I researched the authors and know they are solid Christians with solid Biblical teaching. I know these will be just as good.

~ God's Wisdom for Little Girls

~ A Little Girl After God's Own Heart

~ I'd Be Your Princess

~ The True Princess

For those moms of little boys, I've noticed there are little boy versions for many of these books. Please comment if you know of other good "princess" books or other Christian children's books with good Biblical teaching. And I'd love to read about your favorite children's books, so let me know if you create a book post.

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