Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our weekend

Here's what we did this weekend.

Went fishing and Emma caught 8 fish! She was so excited to catch fish with the worms she herself had collected.

Emma learned to ride her bike without training wheels. (We are in our neighbor's driveway because they have flat area to ride.) It took about 3 minutes! Now she is off and running...never to slow down!

Had a wonderful Mothers Day! After a special breakfast we drove to my parent's house an hour away and spent the day. We had a wonderful lunch that my Dad fixed, went for a walk, played games, napped, and just had a wonderful relaxing day! Oh yeah ~ I felt decent most of the day. Monday was a MUCH different story though.

We are supposed to fly to Oklahoma City Friday morning for my brother's college graduation. Please pray I will be well enough to make the trip. We leave very early Friday and come back late Sunday night. I feel certain I can get myself there. It's just a matter of will it be a good weekend or a really miserable one. Of course I am praying for the latter.


Courtney said...

Oh MY! Look at those fish and that big girl on her bike! My kids aren't brave enough for that yet... you go, Emma!

And Praying for a good weekend and traveling mercies!

Regular, with half and half and raw sugar said...

If you get a minute this weekend, give me a call!! We could go grab coffee or a weird pregnancy craving or something. Thats a quick trip so I understand if you can't! Have fun if I don't see you!!!

Diane said...

I'm so happy you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!!!!
Look at that big girl on her bike,you go girl!! I'll pray that your weekend will go smoothly!!
Have fun and wish him my Congrats on his graduation!

Courtney said...

Hey girl... you've won an award on my blog... thanks for making my day!