Monday, May 19, 2008

Answered Prayer and Another Request

We had a wonderful weekend in Oklahoma City! Not only did I make it through the flights and long days of back-to-back activities, I actually felt good and enjoyed our time there!

It was really special watching my younger brother, Tomy, graduate from the same college I went to. He's one of my favorite people alive ~ and even though there is 13 years between us, we have a close relationship. It was also fun making the trip with my parents. Emma had a wonderful time playing with Nanny & Papa nonstop.

We ate at some of my favorite restaurants, saw lots of old and new friends, watched Tomy perform at the senior dinner (he is a guitar star!), went to graduation, had a fun reception, went to church with Tomy where he is part of the worship band and is now on staff, toured downtown, watched Emma kayak on her own on the little pond at Bass Pro Shop, and lots more!

Now I would post some pictures of all the wonderful things we did, but our camera is lost! I fear that we left it in the rental car (no, I am quite certain we did), so now I am praying that we get it back from lost and found. What are the chances? Well God answered my biggest prayer this weekend to feel good and not be miserable, so I know he can handle a little thing like a lost camera. Either way, I know we can get some of the pictures from other people, but I know there were some pictures that only we took. So I am hoping to get it back!

On a side note ~ I did not want to come home! I felt soooo good while we were there that I became convinced it was the change in elevation. As a matter of fact, I ran into a friend who said her sister-in-law from Colorado (whom I also know) came to OK just a few weeks earlier and her severe morning sickness went away while she was there but returned as soon as she got back home! I know I have heard other girls say that, so I was already making plans to move to OK for a few months! That's how much better I was feeling and a window into how miserable I have been everyday for the past three months! But I also knew I had to put it in God's hands, so I prayed hard all the way home. I woke up this morning feeling good again! So much so that Emma and I went to the zoo then had lunch at the park! And I am so happy to say that as the day has gone on I have not felt worse which is usually the case! Could it be that I have turned the corner? I am praying YES! But we haven't been home for 24 hours yet and I know it's still a daily thing so I will keep you posted.

Thank you everyone for all your prayers! The Lord answered in a BIG way this weekend.


Diane said...

Oh I'm so happy you went and that everything was perfect!!!!
Now we'll just keep praying that you stay this way forever!!!
I hope you can get your camera back! I know cameras could be pricey! Wishing you a great day!!!

Lorie said...

Prayers for've turned the corner! I;m really glad you had a great time and got a chance to feel better for a little while. get that stinkin' camera back! :o)