Thursday, May 22, 2008

The week in review and a distant memory

Friday/Saturday/Sunday ~ I had three wonderful days in Oklahoma City and didn't feel sick at all!

Monday ~ Back in Colorado ~ I still felt good but not great. I was able to take Emma to the zoo and park.

Tuesday ~ The nausea was back but I was still able to do laundry and clean the house.

Wednesday ~ The nausea was constant all day and I was back to throwing up at night.

I'm beginning to ask myself if those days of feeling great in OKC were even real. Did I really feel that good? I remember not feeling sick at all, but it's quickly becoming a distant memory.


Lorie said...

Oh, Cristina...if I could take it all from you I would. Lots of hugs and prayers! :o)

Regular, with half and half and raw sugar said...

If I had a spare bedroom, I'd say come on and stay for the next few months. I'm so sorry about missing you guys. We had lots of tears in the car on the way home.

Diane said...

Oh my Cristina! That is just too much! Is it something in your house? I hope it stops,I feel awful for you!!!
Hugs and good health your way!!

Courtney said...

Come to my house!!!