Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Texas Tornadoes

We had a good weekend in Texas. I did feel better but not like Oklahoma. Guess 'cause the elevation isn't as low. Plus it turned into a stressful weekend. Sunday we had dinner after church and were getting ready to go to the park when the TV announced we were in a tornado warning! Within minutes we were dashing across town to my uncle's basement. No sooner did we get there and the tornado sirens went off. Three tornadoes touched down all around us but none hit the town. We watched golf ball-size hail and torrential rain, and in the end we were all just fine. We even ended up at the park that evening.

Hiding out from tornadoes is something I well remember from childhood because I grew up in West Texas. The thing that made this one so stressful was being crammed in a small basement room with 11 people and 3 dogs and all the old people making comments about dying while Emma cried because of all the dogs she was afraid of and me needing something to eat to ward off the afternoon nausea.


Lorie said...

Well now...that was scary! I remember well racing across town to get home and in the basement due to tornado warnings. I so don't miss that living in the Pacific Northwest!

I hope you have a great week!

Courtney said...

I'm telling you, girl. Come move in with me. I live on the gulf coast. We can hang out at the beach all summer. :)

Maybe your next trip won't be so stressful. Poor you, poor Emma! :(

Diane said...

That must of been terrifying for Emma,poor her. Glad everything was ok!