Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another happy pregnant girl

When I got pregnant, I knew 13 girls who were also pregnant. All but one of them felt good and were enjoying being pregnant. Of course I wouldn't wish hyperemesis on anyone (the morning sickness I deal with), but it was frustrating to not be among the happy pregnant girls.

I just read that Beth Moore's daughter is pregnant. She didn't mention morning sickness...just her excitement at having another baby. I'm truly happy for her. It just struck me at how different my pregnancy is from most others. While most expecting mommies share their excitement about carrying a new life, I mumble about how much I hate pregnancy. And hate is not a word I use often or lightly. But I truly hate the state I am in.

Keeping my eye on the end goal is difficult at times, but I know one day I will be so grateful for all this. Not the experience of pregnancy...but the end result. A new baby...flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone. 92 days ~ give or take ~ to go.


katie said...

I feel your pain girl! I feel you pain. Too bad we weren't pregnant at the same time :) Thinking of you often and TOTALLY empathizing with you! I wish I was there to help! Love ya.

Diane said...

Wishing only the best for you for next 90 days!!! (((HUGS!!!!)))

Anonymous said...

Somehow I landed on your blog.
I totally need to find another woman who suffers with nausea and vomiting in pregnancy.
My daughter is now 8 months and I still do not think I am over the trauma of my recent pregnancy filled with hyperemesis.
I just took my sister in law shopping at 7 months for baby items, how fun right??? She felt fabulous the whole time and wouldn't wish vomiting for 10 months on anyone.
I cried out to God and don't understand why I will never know joy in pregnancy.
Hang in there...the suffering does end....but why do some of us have to suffer soooooooo much?
I totally feel for you and am wishing you and praying for you to have distractions and some good days ahead.
Thanks for listening!
Do you take zofran?