Monday, July 28, 2008

Applause is appreciated

It is official...I am now in the third trimester!!! Please feel free to stand up and clap at any time during the reading of this post. You can even cheer if you want to. That's what I did ~ on the inside ~ as I sucked down my protein shake.

I've only made it this far by relying on God's daily provision of strength and encouragement, which often comes through my husband, daughter, family, friends, blog comments and lots of cards. And for that I am applauding each one of you who has stuck by me through the first two-thirds of this difficult pregnancy. Take a bow.

Today the future seems a little brighter as I narrow the count to less than 90 days.


Jeff and Noelle said...

HOORAY!!!!! You're almost there!! How exciting for it to now be official...only 90 days to go! I'm standing up and clapping on the inside for you! :-)

katie said...

Clap, Shout, Clap, Woo-hoo, Yeah, more shouting, tons and tons of clapping!!!!!!!!!!! xo :)

Diane said...

Woohoo! Hip hip hooray!!! Way to go!!! You're almost there!!!
I'm so proud of you!!! Don't give up!!! CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!!