Monday, August 18, 2008

Getting Ready for School

This is a conversation Emma and I had last night:
Me: "You have one more day at home then you start school. Are you excited?"
Emma: "YES!"
Me: "Are you nervous?"
Emma: {Laughs out loud for a while} "I would never be nervous about school! But I sure will miss you though."

This has given me great comfort knowing Emma isn't nervous in the least to go to school. She is so excited to meet new friends!

Today we will be going to an open house in her classroom and meeting her teacher. Then we will meet Tim for a "special" lunch where we will talk about going to school, making good choices, treating others like we want to be treated, etc. And then tonight I will surprise Emma with this special gift I made.

It's called a Schultute (SHOOL-too-tuh), which means "school bag" ~ a paper cone filled with school supplies and treats. This is a German tradition given to children starting school. I loved the idea and thought it was so cute, so I decided to make this a yearly tradition for Emma and our new baby. I can't wait to give it to her tonight!

And tomorrow is the big day! More on that later....


Courtney said...

Awww! I know she will be great, and you'll be great! Praying for you this morning!

Lorie said...

What a great tradition you are going to start! I'm sure she will look forward to it every year!

Jeff and Noelle said...

What a great idea!! That is SO cute!! Can't wait to hear about her first day!

Back At Ya Babe said...

Totally love this!