Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The BIG Day!

Emma was up and dressed by 6:30 am. She couldn't wait to get to school!

I did really good holding back the tears today, but last night at bedtime was a different story. Her little life just flashed through my mind ~ one scene at a time. It felt like yesterday that I was rocking her as a baby. (I thought to myself: this pregnancy has gone by slower than the last 5 years!)

We did a special project yesterday based on the book "The Kissing Hand" that I got from the Make and Takes blog. So we kissed each others hands this morning and said our goodbyes, then Tim took me out for breakfast and reminded me that we made the right choice and that Emma is at a great school.

I can't wait to pick her up in less than two hours and hear all about her first day of school. I hope she doesn't forget any details.


Lorie said...

Oh my gosh Cristina! My favorite kindergarten teacher in the whole world (also a friend of mine) reads that to the parents on the parent orientation day and suggests they do that with their children! Good for you! You are so strong and it will be SO wonderful to pick her up! HUGS!!!

Courtney said...


Regular, with half and half and raw sugar said...

She's so cute! You'll be glad she has something all her own once the baby comes. It was perfect timing. For both you and her.