Monday, August 25, 2008

Lots of little things

This weekend I went to a baby shower for a close friend of mine, and this diaper wreath was my gift to her. It's my favorite gift to make for first-time mommies.

Her baby girl is already named Baily, so this is the card I made for her.

We all went to the park Saturday afternoon so Tim and Emma could ride the "bumps." I love Emma's adventurous spirit. One of her favorite things to do is mountain bike with her Dad, which is what got her off training wheels in the first place.

And because I never did post pictures of Emma opening her "Schultute", here they are. Her face just lit up when I gave it to her! Even though she was incredibly excited for school, she had a hard time going to sleep the night before. This little surprise gift was all it took to calm her down! I was so glad I had done this for her, and I look forward to doing it in the coming years.

Baby Update: We are down to single digit weeks ~ only 9 to go!


Lorie said...

Oh, my gosh! What a super fun post! I love the diaper wreath and have never seen one before. Mountain biking with go girl! And, she does look so happy with her surprise gift! E-mail me how you made that if you have time...I bet I could make something like that up for my two youngest ( 16 and 10? no probably not but you get the idea!).

And, last but not least...WOOHOO FOR THE SINGLE DIGITS!!!!

John, Kisti & Maren said...

What a great tradition. I hope I remember that when Maren goes to kindergarten!
I actually remember these from when we lived in Germany. They would sell them in the super markets--but your's is much cuter:)

John, Kisti, Maren & Silas Felps said...

Just wanted to review your post as I was making Maren's little treat for her first day of kindergarten! :) I'm glad I remembered!