Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our Little Runner!

Emma joined a cross country running club called Landsharks, and she loves it! I can't believe what a natural runner she is. There are only two other kindergartners in the club, the rest are older kids (all the way up to 5th grade).

Yesterday at practice the coach said everyone had to run three laps around the field, but the kindergartners only had to go one lap. Well Emma finishes her first lap and says, "I want to keep running." So she ran another lap...and a then another! It is so exciting to see her developing as an athlete and to see her determination to do a good job and to keep up with the big kids.

Here are some pictures from one of her practices.

I wish you could see the look of determination on her face in this one as she runs.

She's doing jumping jacks in this last one.

In a couple weeks she will have her first race. There will be three of them, so I am sure you will get to see lots of pictures!


Lorie said...

How cool! What a fun thing to get her into! :o)

Diane said...

What an athlete!!! You must so proud of her! Tell her I wish her all the best in her race!!! I'm sure she'll do fine!