Monday, September 22, 2008

Race Day

These are pictures from Emma's first race last week. She was so excited to get a ribbon and kept saying "I won!" because of it. (She really did place in the top 3.) It was an exciting we get to repeat tonight for the second race. Can you believe these kindergartners and first graders run a half mile?! I am so impressed every time I watch them. They work hard at it and do a great job!

This is her fan club ~ grandparents, cousins, aunts. Some of them drove for an hour to watch her 5 minute race. Isn't that sweet?!

And I have to introduce you to "Katie the angel robot." Emma made this at school last week. Isn't she darling?!


Lorie said...

How neat for her! I'm amazed that she likes running already! :o)

Diane said...

She sure had lots of fans!!! She is the cutest! Tell her her robot looks fabulous!!!YOu did an amazing job Emma!!!!