Thursday, September 11, 2008

Out of the blue

When 2008 first began, I was so excited about turning 35! I thought this would be a great year for a big celebration. I had lots of ideas in mind about how I wanted to celebrate.

But then I got pregnant...and the morning sickness began...and never left. This morning when I looked at my blog and saw the birthday countdown all I could think is "I don't care about having a birthday this year." And I truly meant it. What I care about is having this baby and feeling better. Let's celebrate that! As I was commiserating about having a non-birthday, the doorbell rang. It was the mailman and he handed me a rather large package.

To my delight, it was filled with gifts! Gifts for baby. Gifts for Emma. Gifts for my birthday! My sweet cousin Jenny, who is due around the same time as me with her second baby, took the time to put together this amazing care package. It totally made my day! And because I love Willow Tree angels so much, and because she sent me a new one that I didn't have yet, it made me glad for a birthday.

Look at all the great things she sent us. The "Healing Grace" figurine was for my birthday, and the "Congrats" figurine was for the baby.

She sent this super soft baby blanket and set of outfits for the baby too.

And this was Emma's gift: a Life is Good long-sleeve shirt and book. Emma said, "This is a really good book."

Thanks Jenny! You are an amazing friend. I love ya!


Lorie said...

Aww...that is so sweet! What a great pick you up!

Irritable Mother said...

OK, am I figuring this correctly? I had to use the calendar, and I think your birthday is the 26th?
Hey, mine is the 22nd.
Happy Birthday to us!!! *grin*
I'm glad you recieved this gift, and found your spirits lifted.

Diane said...

Just what you needed!!! Funny how things happen huh!!!!