Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Update on the two cutest kids in the world!

My younger brother Tomy came through town over the weekend on a work-related trip, so we got to see him for about 15 minutes. It was great!

His girlfriend Mendy got to meet Nate for the first time!

My older brother Scotty got home from Afghanistan yesterday, and he got to meet Nate for the first time.

Our family went out to dinner to celebrate Scotty's safe return.

The Mariachi band overheard us talking about it being my sister Cynthia's birthday, so they sang to her.

This was Nate on the day of his baby dedication. He looked so adorable in his sweater vest and linen pants.

Emma was so proud of her new dress!

This day it was 63 degrees outside, so Emma decided she wanted to run through the sprinkler and try out her new wetsuit. We think she's part polar bear.

This was Nate's first time in the jogging stroller. He loves going for walks, and this made it even better because he could see everything.

Emma loves to play computer games...and she loves to play with here she is doing both. You can tell Nate just loves being with Emma no matter what they are doing.

Emma loves to read to Nate.


Lorie said...

My goodness what a big guy Nate has gotten to be! Thank your brother for his service! So glad he is home safely! Have a super week!

What's New? said...

I am glad to see all is well, talk about a family weekend!!
We miss you guys!! like to new stroller we should go walking some time!!