Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Rite of Passage

It finally happened. Emma lost her first tooth! She had a tooth that was a little loose, but I thought it would take several more weeks for her to lose it. I guess I should have taken apples into account. She was eating one this afternoon and came to me and said, "Mom, my tooth just fell out."

I was excited to give her this cute little (hand-painted) tooth box that I found at a craft fair ~ when Emma was less than a year old! I've been saving it for about 5 years.

I can't believe we are to this stage of life with my baby girl.


Anonymous said...

OH!!!! Congrats to your daughter! What a special day to remember!!

She is adorable, by the way. Love your blog!


Laurie said...

That is a milestone! First tooth! I bet she was soooo excited! Hope ya'll (texan talkin') have a wonderful weekend! Look forward to catching up on Monday!

I will have to get back to you on Monday or so about your FB message. I would love to make some stuff for you!;)

Laurie said...

P.S. Emma looks adorable! She's you with brown hair!