Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What if...

On Monday I posted about John Lynch, the guest speaker at our church last weekend. If you want to hear a powerful message, click here to download or listen. John ended his message with a list of "what if they knew..." Things about himself that people didn't know. He wondered, would they think me less godly if they knew...?

I was so challenged by his transparency and authenticity, that I posed the same question to myself. Here is what I wonder...

  • What if they knew I read my Bible less than I want to?
  • What if they knew I get really impatient with my children?
  • What if they knew I hardly ever dust my house?
  • What if they knew I have overwhelming fears in my life?
  • What if they knew I struggle to trust God sometimes?
  • What if they knew I found a bottle of soy sauce in my fridge that expired in 2005?
  • What if they knew I'm overwhelmed much of the time?
  • What if they knew I'm deeply saddened by things out of my control?
  • What if they knew I want to be in control?

What if...

If you knew all these things about me, would you think me any less godly? Before you answer, I leave you with this quote from John Lynch: "The godly are those who believe God. Period!"

What if we took off the masks and trusted God with who we really are? What if we let other people see us as we really are? Wouldn't we see the truly Godly ~ those who are living out grace despite their deep flaws? Isn't that the message of grace ~ we are all flawed but robed in His righteousness?

What if you became transparent today?


Anonymous said...

Awesome post, Honey! You don't dust very often?

Your Hubby

Anonymous said...

You must be human like the rest of us!