Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Emma's Spring Track Meet

Emma had her first spring track meet last night! It was so fun watching her run...with a smile on her face the whole time. She loves to run!

The first race was the 50M.

The second race was the 400M ~ Emma's favorite. In her words, "I like the 400M best because I get to run longer, and I love to run!"

Emma with her friend Abby.

Emma's cheering section congratulating her on a job well done.

I'm not sure who put whom to sleep...Nate and/or Grandpa.

We love Landsharks because the kids learn great running skills and every kid wins! They record times but not "first, second, third..." Every kids gets a ribbon for finishing their race.

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Laurie said...

Way to go EMMA!!!:)