Friday, July 3, 2009

I Would Marry You Again!

Eleven years ago I said "I DO" to the man of my dreams. I vowed to love, honor and cherish him until death separates us. I gave him my heart and received so much more in return.

Tim ~ you are the greatest gift in my life. Without you, I would not know true love, real forgiveness, genuine friendship, deep passion, abundant joy and contagious laughter. I wouldn't have two precious children or a home full of memories with a family I adore. You make the grass so green on this side of the fence that the other side looks barren. I love you more than I did back then. Yes, I would marry you again.

Happy anniversary, Tim! The past 11 years have been the best years of my life. I am deeply grateful for the gift of you and your love. XOXOXO


Laurie said...

Congratulations on 11 years!!

Lorie said...

Congratulations you two! Hope your special day is wonderful!