Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Nate coloring for the first time. I didn't realize he knew what to do...of course, he watches everything so closely that I wasn't really surprised.

Nate wearing my exercise top as a cape. He thought this was so funny!

Emma pulled another tooth!

One of the Christmas cards I made.

Emma and Nate in their new outfits for cousins pictures.

Emma and her cousin Jesse (the only girls on Tim's side of the family).

Nate waiting patiently to get his picture made.

One day I was cleaning out the pantry and I heard a "crunch." I looked down to see that Nate had found the box of ice cream cones, so I put him in his highchair to enjoy his treat.

Our lawn ornament. Can you believe such a big deer hangs around our front yard?!

Nate discovering that you can actually eat snow.

Emma and her buddy Brooke after their last soccer game.

Decorating the Christmas tree. We always do this Thanksgiving weekend. It was fun because even Nate enjoyed helping.

And one of our traditions, Tim reading books to the kids under the tree (this is Nate's first year).


Laurie said...

Great pics!!! Love your new blog look for Christmas too!:)

Martha said...

The cousin outfits are super cute! Looks like you guys had fun decorating the tree. So fun!