Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A trip everyone should take!

We went to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs for a few days between Christmas and New Years. Aaahhh ~ what a delightful place! Of course, the hot springs are the best part. But we also enjoyed snowmobiling, games, music and just relaxing with the family.

Tim and I went snowmobiling with my brother Tomy and his fiance' Mendy. We had an absolute blast! (Tim is in yellow, I'm in blue, Mendy in green, and Tomy in red.)

I got Tim a Djembe (drum) for Christmas, and Emma got a harmonica in her stocking. So put them with Tomy and his guitar and you get one fine band! Plus some great music!

Hanging out with my parents in the cabin.

Tim's parents came and spent a night with us, too. They loved going on walks with the kids.

Nate was so cute in this bear suit I could die!

This place is a fabulous destination whether its winter or summer. The hot springs are naturally occurring in the river, so you can sit in the river or visit one of their three pools. They also have a pool with slides that's open in the summer.


Kelly said...

That trip sounds wonderful!
Got your comments on my blog......yes, please, let's do a playdate soon. My parents are coming for a visit next week and will be here until the 19th so maybe we can connect after that?
Also, any ideas on some neat things to do here with them, I mean they've visited over the years and we've done the main touristy things but I was thinking of things that would be unique and special. Just thought I'd ask.
Any ideas you have would be much appreciated.
Chat with you soon!

Back At Ya Babe said...

Looks like a great time...I'll have to google it to find out more!