Thursday, February 4, 2010

From the diary of a picky eater (name withheld to protect the not-so-innocent)

  • No, I will not eat that lunch meat even though I devoured it for 3 months straight!
  • Yes, I want a banana...and another one...and another one...and another one.
  • No, I will not eat cooked carrots today...unless they are smothered in mashed potatoes...then I will eat lots of them!
  • I will scream until you give me those blueberries...then I will throw them on the floor because I have decided I do not like fruit of any kind. Except bananas. I want a banana!
  • I refuse to eat green beans even though I have always loved them. Not today. Today I hate green beans.
  • Today I will eat steamed asparagus and broccoli...mainly because you never thought I would eat such things.
  • I used to love bread. Now I will refuse anything that resembles bread.
  • Rice Chex. Some days I love them. Some days I loathe them. Guess which one is today?!
  • I will always eat pasta...unless I decide I won't. For now, I will. I love Ramen!
  • Cookies! Brownies! Ice cream! Why can't I have these all the time? You are so unreasonable, Mom!
  • Jerky! I love Daddy's homemade elk and antelope and deer jerky. Gimme!!!
  • No, I don't like meat. Get that chicken away from me.

I wonder why my Mommy gets so worn out at meal time?


Lorie said...

That is funny! Now, can we talk about 6th grade report card time? ;)

Anonymous said...

Great post, Honey. I laughed out loud!!

KarenRuth said...

hahahaha! It is like you have experienced Ady's eating preferences and non-preferences at our house. So funny!

Anonymous said...

Cristina, your Father thinks payback time is wonderful & so very funny!!! Ha Ha Ha