Monday, February 1, 2010

What a weekend!

We had a busy weekend with lots of fun activities. Emma went to a cheer clinic on Saturday morning and got to cheer at half time during the varsity basketball game that night. What fun! I did get pictures, but they have been taken hostage by Tim's phone. As soon as I figure that out, I will post them.

And in a moment of weakness, I suggested to my friend Amy and my future SIL Mendy that we form a relay team to run the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon in April! They said "yes" and had two other runners to join us in a matter of minutes. So I guess we are doing this thing.

It occured to me afterwards that perhaps I should run my first 5K before signing up for another one. Thankfully, I am just doing a 5K leg of the here we go!

Oh, and the icing on the cake for this race is that my Mom and sister are going with me (my first girl's weekend in over 2 years...and my first time away from Nate overnight) and we will get to attend Mendy's bridal shower!!!! YEAH! I am so excited!!! Plus we get to see my brother Tomy! I submit this trip can't get much better!


Laurie said...

The "girls" weekend sounds fun even if there is running involved!;) I have no hesitation how great you will do on your marathon!! Girl Power!

Mendolin said...

I AM SO EXCITED! I'm glad that I now have an excuse to get out there and set a running schedule for me. I now know that I will look my best on that special day without having to kill myself with some silly diet, too! ;)

We can now talk about how are running is going (as if we needed conversation topics!).Blessed to have you as my future SIL. Excited about our girl weekend!