Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Date Night for Pennies!

Last weekend Tim and I got to go on a rare date night. We decided to have dinner at a Mexican food place called The Loop. Oh man, was it good!!! I thought there was nothing in Colorado to rival my favorite Mexican food at Abuelo's, that is until I ate at The Loop. It was outstanding! I'm already trying to figure out when we can go back.

After dinner we walked down to another local {great} find...The Custard Company. Best I've had in CO! And they give discounts to Christians! Love it!

Then we headed to the Penny Arcade (a place Tim first took me to when we were dating). It is such a fun place and it doesn't cost more than a handful of change. Most of the arcade games are from the 30s and 40s and cost a penny, a nickle or a dime. There are only a few that actually take a quarter.

This shooting game cost 10 cents.

This game we won tickets at, so we headed to Skee Ball to win more tickets. (Oldest Skee Ball I've ever seen, of course.) With our 31 tickets for the evening, we bought Emma and Nate each a pack of Smarties.

I took a picture of this wooden pinball machine to show you how old the games are. See the sign at the top that reads "Five Cents."

This is pre-date night but I wanted to share this, too. Outside the Penny Arcade they have tons of these old rides. We took Nate there the day before our date.

That night we ate a place called the Stagecoach Inn...best buffalo pot roast ever!

So if you ever come to Colorado for a visit, make sure to stop in Manitou Springs. They are a small mountain town on the edge of the city with great local finds!

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Lorie said...

Hey, there! I've been to Manitou Springs and we went to an arcade but I don't recall if it was that one or not. FUN!