Monday, April 19, 2010

God cares about pianos

We've been looking to buy Emma a piano now for about a year. She had been playing on a keyboard for the past three years, and her lessons were getting more involved to where she needed an actual piano.

So we started looking on Craig's List and found two that we were interested in. After debating for a week, I decided to call on the first one - the one we really liked. When I clicked the link, it said the listing had been removed by owner. I was so disappointed! So I decided to call on the second one. The seller answered but said it was a bad time to talk and that he would call me back later.

So while I was waiting, I decided to check Craig's List again to see if anything new had been listed. The first piano I clicked on was the original one I wanted to call on but thought had sold. And the price had been reduced by $100!

I called about it right away, and got a hold of Jeff. The more we talked the more I thought Jeff's voice sounded familiar. As he described their situation, I realized who I was talking to. Jeff - one of our former Sunday School teachers. He and his wife Kathy had been our SS teachers for 6 years...the first 6 years of our marriage!

We were all so excited to realize the connection! So the next morning we went and picked up Emma's new piano. Kathy explained to me how this was their first major purchase on credit after getting married some 30 years ago! They were excited to see their piano go to a good home, and we were excited to get a piano from the original owner that we know took really good care of it.

God answered both our prayers in funny little ways! I love when HE does that. Here is Emma playing for the first time on her new piano.


Lorie said...

That is just wonderful! That looks like the piano that my grandmother had. Good memories!

Jewel said...

So cool! Jason helped move that piano a couple of times!