Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The wedding was beautiful! The day was flawless. Loved being with family and friends and watching Tomy marry his soul mate. What a special day! Welcome to the family Mendy!

The wedding party.

Me & my love.

Nate...lovin' all the attention he got in his cute tux!

Mendy & the flower girls.

Me & Nate having a pre-wedding snack.

Me & my siblings. They're the best!

My immediate family and my Grandparents. We are BIG!

Mendy was such a beautiful bride!

Have you ever seen cuter shoes?!

This was 10 minutes before the wedding started!

My brother Scotty and his family.

Mother and father of the groom. Yes, my parents! Love 'em!!!

Nate loved his ride down the aisle.

The flower girls. Aren't they precious?!

Tomy's grooms cake was a guitar. Awesome!

A wedding toast.

Nate enjoyed the cake as much as anything.

And they are off!

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Laurie said...

What great wedding photos! I really enjoyed looking at them! I meant to say this on your brother tribute post...I remember when Tomy was such a little squirt in L-town...y'all have always had such a special relationship! So happy for you and your fam!;)