Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Emma!

"The days are long, but the years fly by."

So the saying goes...and I find it to be so true. It seems like yesterday that we welcomed our baby girl into the world. After nine long months of morning sickness, God blessed us with Emma. Little did we know how much laughter, joy and excitement she would bring to our lives.

Emma has grown into such a smart, talented, caring, tender and silly little girl. She loves to laugh and make others laugh with her. She finds satisfaction in a job well done. She loves Jesus and often prays for those who don't know Him or who are less fortunate. She is caring and tender-hearted, offering words of comfort or encouragement. She is smart! Just this year Emma received an award for being tops in reading and math in her 2nd grade class. She also won the class spelling bee and finished number four in the district spelling bee. And yet she is humble. After placing 2nd in the 5K pledge contest, Emma ran to congratulate her friend who won first place.

Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you, Emma. We are proud of your accomplishments but even more so with the precious little girl you are. We are so thankful that you have Jesus in your heart, and that you long for others to know Him as well. You're a wonderful big sister, friend and daughter. We pray God blesses you today and in the years to come as you grow in your faith and knowledge of Him.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!

This is Emma listening to her Daddy sing Happy Birthday to her on the phone. (He goes to work really early on Tuesdays, so he didn't get to see her before he left for the day.)

Emma let Nate open one of her presents - such a sweet big sister!

The birthday girl with her special breakfast - cinnamon rolls!

Side note: Emma has chicken pox on her birthday! She developed them over the weekend while we were camping. At first we thought they were bug bites, but we realized it was chicken pox when they kept spreading. She has been such a trooper though! We're praying she is well enough to enjoy her birthday party next weekend.


Lorie said...

Happy birthday Emma!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Emma! I can hardly believe that it has been nine years since we recieved the wonderful call saying that you had been born! Wow! Time is moving fast! I am so sorry that the ck pox found you, but I hope that your recovery will be quick! I was thrilled to read as well that you are pssionate about serving Jesus Christ wil your life! Best wishes to you today and always! Braedon says "Happy birthday" as well. Love you, Bethany