Wednesday, June 1, 2011

1st camping trip of the season

We went to our favorite CO camping spot for Memorial Day weekend. It was a perfect weekend with nice weather and lots of fun and relaxation.

This little creek runs right through our camp site.

LOVE our new chairs!

The tent was a perfect play place for Nate and Emma.

One of our favorite camping activities...building stick towns.

Handmade boat races.

Relaxing by the fire.


Reading bedtime stories.

Shooting guns.

Who let Nate play with the hatchet? I must have been napping.

More stick cities.

Playing frisbee.

Reading by the fire.

On our way home we stopped at the sand dunes. This is the only picture I got because we stayed all of ten minutes. The wind was raging 50 mph. We sat down long enough to get sand blasted then headed back to the truck.

Love how our kids crash on the way home. This picture says it all! FUN weekend!!!

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Emily said...

That seriously looks like the funniest trip! Looking forward to doing camping trips with our kids as they get a little older... Lots of good ideas here for fun things to do!